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Hot Air Ballooning is Our Passion.

Ride the North Carolina winds on a hot air balloon trip that you will never forget!

The leading hot air balloon reservation site in North Carolina is Charlotte Hot Air Balloons. Our network of hot air balloon pilots is second to none in the ever growing balloon ride industry and we take pride in our world-class customer service. Unleash the adventure of ballooning and book an invigorating ride in the sky with Charlotte Hot Air Balloons.

Make a birthday even more special, add more people to the mix for a group adventure, or ask that special someone for their hand in marriage. Charlotte Hot Air Balloons has you covered from standard balloon rides to romantic adventures and even festivals and special events! Choose from any one of our ballooning affiliates to begin your hot air balloon excursion!

Ride the North Carolina winds on a hot air balloon trip you’ll never forget! Reserve your Charlotte hot air balloon ride today and join in on the fun!

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Balloon Rides

Balloons Over Charlotte

Charlotte Balloon Rides

Climb up to the clouds above Charlotte with the premiere hot air balloon network in North Carolina. Find dozens of launch sites around Charlotte. read more »

Romantic Adventures

Love Is In The North Carolina Air

Romantic Adventures in Charlotte

Imagine sailing through the air as the sun goes down over Charlotte and drinking in the scenery. It sets the perfect stage for your romantic escapade. read more »

Festivals & Events

Don't Miss Out On The Fun

Charlotte Hot Air Balloons Festivals & Events

Participate in a hot air balloon festival or event with Charlotte Hot Air Balloons! Schedule a balloon ride at the next festival nearby or in North Carolina! read more »

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